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Fat, Sick…. Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Review:
The movie title is “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, and in my opinion, an absolute MUST see!; and whether you watch it or not, if you don’t change your eating habits to healthier ones, you’ll probably be ‘fat, sick and dead’ sooner than you’ll want to be.

Australian Joe Cross is the overweight gent who comes to America to do a totally juice fast while crossing our countryside in his car.  While doing this, his quest is to engage everyday people in regards to their diet, what they eat (usually high caloric fast foods) and to encourage them to eat healthy.  He shows people how to juice, what to juice and invites them to taste his Mean Green juice recipe.

At the beginning of his quest, Joe was over 300 pounds and on a number of steroids for years to battle a debilitating autoimmune disorder.  Realizing that if he continued doing what he was doing and expecting a change when there was none (definition of insanity), he would soon be dead.  Thus, he decided to do things differently, which began his lifestyle change, which some may think was extreme….. but it worked.

And, it may work for you too!

Watch the movie.  You can stream it for a very low price from Amazon.  You can also order some of his juicing recipe books below.

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