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How CBD Works

I have read a lot of scientific data on what makes up the compounds in cannabis, and, honestly, many of them were too technical for me.  But, here is what I do understand:  There are 2 different cannabinoid receptors found in the body, CB-1 and CB-2. CB-1 receptors are responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects; they effect memory, mood, sleep and pain sensations.  CB-2 receptors are responsible for anti-inflammatory effects and found in the immune cells.  Additionally, CBD has a great attraction for CB-2 cells which thus make it a natural anti-inflammatory and immune enhancer.  Therefore, CBD has proven highly beneficial with seizures, neurological conditions and anxiety disorders, along with being a great digestive aid. It also fights against cancer and cancer cells because of its powerful immune effects and improves emotional conditions.  It has shown to be completely safe and non-addictive, with very few side effects.  However, I have read that since each person is different, it is recommended a person should start on low doses and work up to higher ones.

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