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Eden Health Care, Juicing & read about Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Juicing as a Business

Is there room in your community for a Smoothie business? Maybe you live in a senior community; have you thought of providing seniors with healthy smoothies made from your kitchen? Juice bars are popping up in most towns and cities. Their offering is healthy, nutritious, easy to make, fun and very tasty! Fruit & vegetable […]

Miracle Tonic, Turmeric & Benefits of Juicing!

MIRACLE TONIC – Click TONIC page above to read more about this ancient potion that has helped my husband lower his A1C, cholesterol and blood pressure in just two months.  Drink Turmeric Tea or make Turmeric Paste to start reaping the benefits of this Ancient Root with medicinal properties for everyone! BENEFITS OF JUICING – […]

Juicing for Health

A wise man once said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets.” What a fit description of the seemingly endless battles that we fight to lose weight and to stay healthy and vital for as long as humanly possible! Up and down, up and down, your metabolism bounces […]

Drink Your Veges

One of the central components of any healthy diet is eating a sufficient quantity of greens. Yet 95% of people who follow a health diet, do not consume enough green leafy vegetables. I’ll admit, I often have trouble (or sometimes even lack the desire) to eat my greens. There are days when I just don’t […]

Juice as a Meal

Are you looking for a way to make a quick and healthy meal? Look no further than a smoothie. A smoothie is perfect to replace a meal, as a healthy snack or as a quick meal for on the go. A smoothie is a drink filled with a variety of fruits blended into a smooth […]

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